miercuri, 30 octombrie 2013

House with Wheels - Lodge

Spend a great short holiday in a quiet area where relaxation takes place at its' best!


Building A ( apartment type. also named "House of Stone ) composed of a three-bedrooms apartment, an approximately 45mp living room, 1 kitchen and 1 bathroom.
Capacity: a maximum of 8 persons ( 2 places per bedroom ); each bedroom has a marriage bed, plus bed-settee ( of 2 persons ) in the living-room.

Building B ( marriage rooms in rustic, wooden huts ): 4 wooden huts, extremely spacious, decorated in a unique rustic, theme-based style: The Wheeler's hut; The Householder's hut; The Cooper's hut and The Potter's hut.
Capacity: 2 persons/hut

Building C ( bar and restaurant ) - provided whith a large dinning-room in order to serve the meals of the day, a bar and a roofed porch.

Information about costs and prices:

Building A ( apartment ): 
4 persons: 70 Euro/apartment/night
5 persons: 85 Euro/apartment/night
6 persons: 95 Euro/apartment/night
7 persons: 105 Euro/apartment/night
8 persons: 115 Euro/apartament/night

Building B ( marriage rooms in rustic wooden huts ):
35 Euro/room/night

Features :
Building A: fully equiped kitchen ( dinner service, cooker, fridge ); DVD and TV set in the living-room; electrical fireplace; TV set in every bedroom; 1 bathroom; central heating; fully equiped bathroom ( free towels and hygiene articles ); terrace; grill ( made of stone ); wooden swing outdoors; garden chaises longues; artificial pond; interior parking lot; playground for children.
Building B: TV set with flat screen; air-conditioning; heating system; traditional theme-based furniture; bathroom ( per dormitory ); fully equiped bathroom ( free towels and hygiene articles ); terrace; swings; interior parking lot; playground for children.

For reservations please send us an email: casacuroti@gmail.com

Tourist Attractions:

If you take are up to discover new breathtaking natural monuments, pay us a visit while sight-seeing the natural beauties of this magnificent region:
Devil's Lake; Bey's Lake; The Beusnita Waterfall; Susara Gorges and Susara Waterfall; Natural tunnels and pathways dug in the rocks of the Nera Gorges; The Nera and Calugara Monasteries; The Bigar Waterfall and the Watermills from Eftimie Murgu.